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Coding is Fun and Joy.

As I upgraded to Windows 10 on multiple of my systems from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, it became very disappointing over time where every update made Windows 10 worse and worse. Older hardware, maybe older than 5 years, doesn't even work anymore with an error message 'The hardware driver cannot be initialized', even the hardware is correct recognized. On top of that all the spying and privacy deception. That leads me now to switch to Linux (Debian). As I changed from C# to C/C++ (using some C++ features in C) there is not much difference, as well from DX11 under C/C++ to OpenGL (4.5).
For Flight Simulation it will mean I have to go towards X-Plane, leaving FSX & P3Dv3/v4 behind me as it gets pointless.

In some of my previous commercial software the registration key is removed and is now freeware.